Friday, May 24, 2013

To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

To Kill A Mockingbird
Everyone in life has choices that they have to make, Some come with more consequences than others. In the story To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus is a lawyer. He faces a major choice when defending Tom.
Tom is a black man that got accused of raping a white girl in Maycomb Alabama. This town is suffering through hard times so the morales are already down. Some consequences that occur not only affect Atticus but also affect his children. They get bullied at school for their father defending a black man. Atticus takes Tom on as a client because he believes he is innocent. Mayella Ewell and her father blamed Tom for raping Mayella when in fact they were lying so her father said that he caught him doing it.
After the trial, Atticus’s kids get attacked by Bob Ewell and Boo Radley kills Bob and then brings them back to their house. The sheriff knows Boo Radley killed Bob but says that Bob tripped and fell on his own knife. A consequence of Bob Ewell is how karma came back around and took his life.
Atticus took on a job that he knew wasn’t going to get him anywhere because Tom is a black man and during the time Maycomb Alabama was a prejudice town.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Phone vs. Feelings

The two things that I value the most being priced and priceless are my phone and spending time with someone thats means a lot to you. These two things are valuable to me because they mean alot to me and if I lost one of these valuables I’d go crazy without it.
My phone is always with me wherever I go. It never leaves my side and I’m always on it. I’m always listening to music on my phone wherever I am.  Music is my life and it helps me block out people and keeps me calm. My phone is the IPhone 4 with a red LifeProof case. I got my phone over the summer from my parents. I need my phone because it connects me to my friends and family. I was freaking out when my screen was getting fixed and i didn’t have it. I text my girlfriend all day everyday.
My girlfriend makes me feel like i can be myself around her. She makes me feel special. I love being face to face with her because I’m actually with her. I try to see her everyday I can but its hard because she goes to a different school. We do basically everything together and shes like my best friend that i can't live without. Shes valuable to me because she likes me for me and thats a good thing to me. My favorite to do with her is just to be with her.
My phone and my girlfriend are similar in many ways. For one, they both make me feel connected to people. Without my phone or my girlfriend my life would suck without them. I spend most of my time on my phone and being with her. They both make me happy and connected. My phone is basically attached to me and my girlfriend is almost always with me whenever we can be together.
The ways my phone and my girlfriend are different is my phone is a object and my girlfriend is a person. My phone is common and you can buy it almost anywhere but my girlfriend is one of kind, theres only one of her and shes mine. My phone doesn't make me feel anything because its just my phone but my girlfriend makes me feel special. If I was given the choice of picking my girlfriend or my phone, I’d pick my girlfriend because shes one of a kind and my phone isnt.
In conclusion, the two things that i value the most are my girlfriend and my phone. Even though my phone is something that I can buy easily, and my girlfriend isn’t, they're both important in my life equally. Even though I value them both, I value my relationship more than i do with my phone. If I lost my phone tomorrow I’d still value my relationship more. People are more important than phones or anything else.

Monday, September 17, 2012

summer reading essay

Summer Reading Assignment

Alfred Brooks hangs with his friends Major and Hollis. Those three want to break into Epsteins store where Alfred works. Janes gets caught and Major and Hollis beat up alfred. Then henry takes Alfred home and tells him about Mr.Donatelli who owns a gym. Alfred went to the gym and Mr.Donatelli tells him he needs to be a contender before he can be a champion.
Alfred begins his training and after two weeks of training, Alfred wants to fight. he goes to a party and tries not to drugs ends up doing them anyway. He starts to train again and he wins his first fight and his second fight he knocks his opponent unconscious. After knocking his opponent unconscious, Alfred didn't feel good about it. But his trainer was so proud of him that he said that he would for lessons.
When they get to the ring, Alfred finds out that he is matched against Elston Hubbard. Donatelli says to untape Alfred's hands because Alfred is not fighting. Hubbard is older, more experienced, and heavier than Alfred, and Donatelli is worried Alfred will get hurt. Alfred insists on fighting. Donatelli even threatens to leave, but Alfred tells him that he needs Donatelli in his corner. Finally, Donatelli stays with him. Within five seconds Hubbard lays Alfred out on the mat. Alfred gets up and keeps fighting. Hubbard continues to beat on Alfred, sending him to the mat again, and, still, sends him to the floor a third time in the next round. Donatelli comes close to stopping the fight, but Henry persuades him not to. Alfred lasts till the end, and Hubbard wins by majority decision.